That Recreational fishing and casting are highly visible and valued sports.
The New Zealand Angling & Casting Association became an Entity in 1955.
It was formed to:
Encourage and develop the sports of angling and casting.
Encourage the formation of Fishing Clubs and to foster comradeship amongst amateur fishers.
To promote the conservation of fish and their habitat.

In 1958 there was a split in the Association that led to the formation of what is now the New Zealand Sports Fishing Council. Whilst these two groups have developed an identity particular to each Organisation they remain supportive of each other in the original three objectives.

The Association has recently returned to representing its twenty four member clubs in negotiations with the Government via the Ministry of Primary Industries via the Fisheries Ministry. A close liaison is held with the IGFA and our members are eligible to apply for World Records for qualifying catches. Along with this the NZACA administers official NZ Records for a great number of species that are not the generally recognised Game fish species. The NZACA is also the administrator of the NZ Casting records.

Since 1979 the Association has held a National Championship. This incorporates both Casting and Fishing. While the Casting has had recent changes to the rules, it does cater for those wishing to use their own fishing gear (except for Braid) and also those who wish to cast under recognised international regulations. Casting falls into three events. Postal, which is entered via a Club event, Regional, of which there is three and finally the Nationals.

The fishing involves a good amount of time which allows fishers to target the variety of fish available to be caught. During this event, the Association also holds its AGM. This is done so as to allow the membership to take advantage of all gathering at one venue.

The NZ Angling & Casting Association encourages all fishers to join a club and particularly one affiliated to the Association.

Website Updates

Hi. I have been updating NZACA Website.

  • Club pages have been updated with the info I have, if you want to add more either contact me or web admin.
  • I have added a Trophies page to main menu, Trophies page will show all trophy details for Annual, Postal and National Comp who they were donated by and a list trophy holders.

Tight-lines Marko Lucas


I have to admit that there are times I don’t entirely agree with the thoughts of Graham Carter, Editor of the Fishing and Outdoors newspaper but I must congratulate him on his well written and very accurate summation of the situation, that appears on the front page of the latest issue. His article is exactly as I have found it during the meetings and the investigations I have been involved in. The whole situation is scandalous. You need to read it to fully understand just how bizarre the management of Fisheries has become.

Before any of the Commercial Fishers start thinking this is another bashing, let me assure you it isn’t. It is completely about the management of your resource. You need to be as deeply involved in getting this right as much as the Recreational sector. More so in fact, it is your livelihood.

This Fisheries Review that is currently being carried out has to be one of the biggest disappointments/ farces going and totally appears to be, to quote Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall. The meeting I attended last week on behalf of our members and stepping up for every “Hurl & Hope” fisho, all quarter of a million of you, give or take and to be given 30 minutes to present a case or valued opinion was shameful. I have been accused of being arrogant, aggressive and abusive, well go figure. I’m into telling it like it is and luckily, this time, I didn’t have time to get into any of the three. On the other side of the table were four prominent New Zealanders. Not appearing as a Technical Advisory Group as was supposed, far from it. More like a tick the boxes and get back to me group.

A leader, who holds some esteem with me, a little out of his depth here. One member who could tell you how many fly spots were on the ceiling such was his interest in being in the room. A Rec Rep who was ok that we only get 30 min to present a sound case, one other member, ex Industry, along with the only one who I felt had any understanding, a woman who knows how the QMS works.

How can we make it better. The QMS needs to be overhauled. There needs to be an indepth enquiry (Royal Commission) into the MPI Fisheries Division and the way they have been operating.
Get over trying to incorporate Rec allocation into the QMS, its not going to happen.
The Rec Sector catch summary is pretty dam accurate so get over mandatory self reporting of catch, it wont work. Time would be better spent on fixing what is broke and that is a very poorly managed New Zealand inshore fishery.
Of all things, start listening to the people. There are 700,000 Rec fishers in this country. There are three Organisations within this sector that are stepping up. The Ministry need to acknowledge them and engage. I still cannot believe we were accused of not engaging by those at the table last week. We will engage but certainly not with those running around the country making malicious statements. Get rid of the so called Rec Fishing Initiative. It is just another geo- political wing of the Ministry. Engage with them at your peril.

Once again read that article and try not to bite your nails

Jim Yeoman


Spring has arrived, the Moki have appeared around the reefs of Hawkes Bay, a few Snapper are being caught in the BOP and also on the West coast. Mr Browning has nabbed a few fat Gurnard in the north. Let’s believe we are in for a great Summer of fishing. Hopefully the East Coast shake ups wont affect the fishing too much.

The new NZACA Trailer has rolled off the assembly line and I am picking it up today. This is a closed in beast that will allow us to transport our gear around the country. It will also help in lifting our profile once it has been sign written. Our thanks to the Lion Foundation for their support in obtaining this.

It is with huge pleasure that I welcome the Wairoa/Nth Clyde Surfcasting Club and the Te Atatu Fishing Club back into the NZACA after a two year break. This news, following the affiliation of the Canterbury Surfcasting Club and the Western Bays Surfcasting Clubs decision to stay afloat and Affiliated is huge reward and extremely pleasing. We continue to grow and improve our relevance in the Recreational fishing industry. This growth is more significant than many realise, in that many of those representative Recreational groups are working collectively in raising the many issues that surround the NZ fisheries. This initiative is something I am very proud to be part of. In two weeks time I am attending the NZ Sport Fishing Council’s AGM on our members behalf. The openness, the participation and the leadership I have been welcomed into from this entire group is huge and has helped me lift my game to a new high.
This leads me on to LegaSea. Just recently I have read a few posts, on various media outlets, that infer, Info and statements, made by LegaSea, are made off the cuff and are made on an us and them basis.
Here is my opinion as the President of the NZ Angling & Casting Association.
Not so, not on any level. The investigations and studies done, to back any statements, Submissions or accusations made, are substantial and in depth. Where all sides are considered. The understanding of Law, Fisheries Legislation, the fishery, fish stocks etc. is at a level second to none. Those that come through the door and sit at the table include Ministers, Iwi Leaders, Government officials and other leaders in many fishery fields. I have had the pleasure and sometimes not so pleasurable opportunities to sit at the table with some of these leaders. I have witnessed, first hand, the comprehensiveness that each issue is investigated and challenged on. I hold each and every member of this group and the NZ Sport Fishing Council’s, Fisheries Management Team in the highest regard and respect.

The Executive have received a letter of request, asking for a Special General Meeting. We will discuss at our meeting on the 24th September and I am confident we will accept this. Details and date will follow but at this stage, this relates to a more solid management system. I would ask Clubs to have Delegates available to attend.

Further to this, our Nationals Committee have provided us with a very positive and exciting proposal for the 2017 Nationals in Wellington. This event is also the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the NZACA so I am looking for each and every Club to have members in attendance. The time to start planning is now.

Meantime, tight lines, enjoy our coming Summer.

MPI Request

Hello all,

With the recent turmoil over the message regarding engaging with MPI and the follow up message from myself advising that this is not the Executives recommendation, rather than being percieved as being dictatorial, censoring or disrespectful of those sending or those requesting they be sent, let me address the reasons we have taken this position at this moment.

  1. I was advised of this initiative by Mr Dave Turner, Director of Fisheries, MPI, earlier last year at a closed meeting in Napier. The ACA, through me, has been contacted by Mr Marty Bowers and I followed that up with a phone call to discuss this and received a overview of the intiative. So the NZACA has made contact.
  2. As discussed, with Mr Bowers, at the time, there was still much to do before they would be moving forward with this and engaging. The Executive discussed this and decided that we would not put it to the membership until we received the appropriate paperwork.
  3. We still haven’t had this. I am of the belief that, as of today, the parameters, the Brief or for that matter, a notice of intent have still not been decided or issued. I am of the opinion that this request to engage is premature.
  4. MPI are obliged to follow correct procedure. The process is incomplete
  5. Further. Re the advice in the email “To discuss a Shared Fishery”. Without a clear understanding of the actual meaning of this, it is a dangerous discussion to enter and has many consequences, some very detrimental to the Recreational fishers of NZ.  Not being disrespectful as there are many of you, who will have an understanding of this but there a many more who won’t. Why does it need to be taken to single fishermen. Lastly. The statement “So that the correct message is getting down to the grass roots level” is an outright slight on the integrity and honesty of the Executive you have voted to represent you.

Rather than being involved in the actions refered to in my opening, I believe the Executive have been responsible in protecting your interests by requiring the correct details are received before advising the membership. Also we have never said not to engage. We have forwarded an opinion only and are clear that should you wish to engage with this group, that is your entirely your choice.

thank you

Jim Yeoman

President NZACA