That Recreational fishing and casting are highly visible and valued sports.
The New Zealand Angling & Casting Association became an Entity in 1955.
It was formed to:
Encourage and develop the sports of angling and casting.
Encourage the formation of Fishing Clubs and to foster comradeship amongst amateur fishers.
To promote the conservation of fish and their habitat.

In 1958 there was a split in the Association that led to the formation of what is now the New Zealand Sports Fishing Council. Whilst these two groups have developed an identity particular to each Organisation they remain supportive of each other in the original three objectives.

The Association has recently returned to representing its twenty four member clubs in negotiations with the Government via the Ministry of Primary Industries via the Fisheries Ministry. A close liaison is held with the IGFA and our members are eligible to apply for World Records for qualifying catches. Along with this the NZACA administers official NZ Records for a great number of species that are not the generally recognised Game fish species. The NZACA is also the administrator of the NZ Casting records.

Since 1979 the Association has held a National Championship. This incorporates both Casting and Fishing. While the Casting has had recent changes to the rules, it does cater for those wishing to use their own fishing gear (except for Braid) and also those who wish to cast under recognised international regulations. Casting falls into three events. Postal, which is entered via a Club event, Regional, of which there is three and finally the Nationals.

The fishing involves a good amount of time which allows fishers to target the variety of fish available to be caught. During this event, the Association also holds its AGM. This is done so as to allow the membership to take advantage of all gathering at one venue.

The NZ Angling & Casting Association encourages all fishers to join a club and particularly one affiliated to the Association.


Hi everyone, Time to bring you up to speed.

At our recent meeting the Executive moved to shift enough money over to our Investment Fund to bring it up to $15000.00.  We also Donated $2000.00 to LegaSea. This Donation was for two solid reasons. Firstly, in recognition of the support in securing a $5000 Grant and the support, which is ongoing, in gaining our Financial Sponsorship from Okuma. Secondly this is also in support of “Rescue Fish” the alternative to the QMS. We have been involved and stand with our peers in asking for change. I must stress these have only been achievable because of the work we are doing holding up our end of Fisheries Management.

This leaves the Association with approx $10,000 in our cash reserves. We also have approx $15000.00 in actual Assets. The NZ Angling & Casting Association is in a good state today.

On Thursday last week, we stood proud along side our Peers in the launch of “Rescue Fish”. This has been some time in the making but it is my belief it is the way to go. It will be for the betterment and reward of everyone who partakes in our inshore fisheries. I ask you to read everything, understand it and please sign the petition.. We have an opportunity to save what is ours.

With regard to my local fishery. We have proven that with co operation of local Commercial fishers the inshore can become what it was in a very short time. Hawkes Bay is enjoying very good fishing from shore again. Also in conjunction with the Port of Napier’s Fisheries Management Group, LegaSea HB and the Port, Hawkes Bay will gain three Artificial Reefs. All of these achievements are the result of bringing those Parties affected to the table. I am proud to have been involved in each of these. To have stepped up for the NZACA, have our relevance recognised and accepted and to have assisted in bringing such positive results to fruition is very humbling.

My next challenge is rebuilding the Bay of Plenty Fishery. Using the people I have already worked with within the Commercial Sector, I am confident we will bring some positivity and results that will return this awesome region back to what it was. Feeding our Whanau is paramount and anything less is unacceptable.

We will be Casting in Rotorua again later in June. We have had so many join our Facebook page, I am feeling really good that we are heading down the right pathway in making this a great sport to be involved in. Look for the NZACA Distance Casting Club page on Facebook for dates. We make these weekends value for money so come and join an absolutely friendly group of people out to assist you in becoming a better caster and fisher.

Meanwhile, enjoy wetting a line. Enjoy the company of your fellow fishers and appreciate the fish you land on the beach or boat.



NZACA 2020 Nationals

On behalf of the Nationals Committee and the Executive that sadly I announce that the 2020 NZACA Nationals and AGM are cancelled. For those that have entered and paid the Nationals Committee will be in touch regarding refunds etc. Plans are afoot to hold the 2021 Nationals in Taranaki. Date to be confirmed

This is an unprecedented move, one that has not happened in our 64 year history but in keeping with the wishes of our Government in regard to this Covid-19 Virus we must act responsibly for the health and wellbeing of all our members and the general public..

The Executive wish you all a healthy and safe time through this national crisis.


Jim Yeoman


Xmas 2019

             Xmas Message NZACA Members 2019

Well here we are about to enter the Xmas/New Year period for 2019. Wow has this year gone by fast or what. But what a year it has been.

Starting with our Nationals in the far north. These were the best by far for some time. Ten Clubs represented and over 100 entries. Seventy Casters alone.

Fantastic Sponsorship from Okuma and others like Black Magic Tackle made our Nationals a very good one.

On the subject of Okuma, I cannot express enough my heartfelt thanks for the continued support we receive from them. Their cash and product Sponsorship deal has made it so much easier to run our great organisation.

Throughout the year the NZACA has been active in advocating the rights of our members and supporting efforts to bring better practice in the use of our fisheries. Around the table meetings with Industry, Ministry and Ministers, attending discussions on fish stocks, attendances at NZ Sport Fishing Council’s Fisheries Management Standing Committee meetings, LegaSea NZ, LegaSea Hawkes Bay, Port of Napier’s Fisheries Liaison Group and input into many, many submissions to Government covering from the far north to the deep south have all been happening every day of every week. Early next year will see a huge announcement regarding our fisheries going forward and it has been a privilege to have been active in supporting this. Your voice is well represented.

Over the year we have seen the demise of a few of our smaller clubs which is always disappointing but then we are seeing a resurgence in many that have been struggling as well as those that are keen to be part of the association. I have been working with several over the past few months and while we may not get them all I have confidence that we will have some take up the opportunity to join us.

The end of the year sees the NZACA in a very healthy financial and membership position and we will continue to grow. As we grow our voice gets stronger.

Don’t forget the 2020 Nationals in New Plymouth. Entry forms and details will be out very soon.

On that note, I would like to thank you all for being part of and continuing your support to the NZ Angling & Casting Association. May you all have a happy and festive season. Stay safe, fish lots and I will see you all in 2020.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Jim Yeoman


2019 Nationals

Well what can one say? The 2019 Nationals and AGM, based at the 90 Mile Motor Camp can only be described as a great success. With a spread of Clubs from the 90 Mile Surfcasting Club in the north, Wellington Surfcasting & Angling Club in the south, New Plymouth Surfcasting Club from the west, Rotorua Fishing & Casting Club from the east and the biggest turnout of clubs in between for many a year, this past week has been nothing short of exceptional. Ten Clubs in all represented, 96 Fishers.

Casting on day one saw 73 Casters brave sweeping rain showers before they passed over allowing many to dry out. While the day didn’t produce any great distances, the fact that so many participated created a completely friendly atmosphere where clubs interacted in their own challenges. Top marks must go to Gary Whittaker and his team for a very well run system.

To top it all off, the fishing was to die for. I have attended the past fifteen Nationals and never attended a one where so many fish have been weighed by so many participants. Impressive quality fish. The Ninety spat out some huge Snapper and Trevally but the opportunity to fish the Great Exhibition Bay with its white sands and crystal clear waters was a treasure. I must tender a huge appreciation to the Everitt family for their granting of access across their land for those attending our Nationals. The feedback from those gracing the sands for the first time was a one hundred percent “impressive”

Okuma. Wow!!!!! It was a total privilege to have Murray Veal, from this supportive Company, sharing the week with us. To have this great Company on board as our leading Sponsor is massive and their support with product as prizes was impressive. Thank you Okuma the NZACA appreciates your ongoing support.

Black Magic Tackle. I had a very good meeting with the Team on the way up to Kaitaia and I am hopeful of a good sponsorship outcome when I meet with them again in April but in the meantime a huge shout out to them for the $600 worth of goods provided to be part of our lucky draws. Again I must acknowledge the great support we receive from these leading Companies. I must also mention Creative Landscaping & Design, Travel & Co, Rod & Reel, Le  Baronz Cottage and Glenn & Debbie for their support also.

The Prize giving. What a way to finish a great time in the far north. The attendance was like some many years ago. The camaraderie and enjoyment seen throughout the night made being there worth every minute. The biggest thanks goes out to all those who participated. The fact we may very well have gained another Club intending to affiliate to the NZACA is reward enough for the hours of driving to attend.

Finally, Rick and Lyn Hymers, Brent Rolston, Dave Davies, Gary Whitaker and Steve Maisey. My heartfelt thanks for the way this 62nd Nationals was managed. A worthy and enjoyable event. I am already looking forward to next year’s Nationals in New Plymouth.


Jim Yeoman