From the President

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi Everyone, I am planning to put out a flyer type Newsletter once a Month.
Just to give you all an update on what is happening around the Country with fishing, our Clubs and at the Executive level.

So let’s start with the Facebook page (New Zealand Angling and Casting News & Chat).
We now have almost twelve hundred Members and it is great to see some great photos and info turning up. There has been so much spectacular fishing all around the country of late and none more so than the far north.
We truly have to learn to appreciate exactly what we have as a country. This page is also being used to keep you all updated on anything happening on a day to day basis.

I must extend a huge appreciation to Jim Mikoz, of the Wellington Surfcasting & Angling Club, along with one of our Life Members, Brian Palmer, for their efforts in putting in Submissions regarding the Iron Mining
off the Taranaki Coast. It is also a great relief that the Proposal was rejected by the Enviromental Board. Fantastic.

Last Month I had the pleasure of visiting the Wellington Club. I was grilled regarding all aspects of the NZACA. The Association as a whole, the Nationals and where we were wanting to go. To be fair, this was exactly what I was wanting and didn’t expect anything less. It generates good feedback and we get to know who and what we are dealing with on both sides of the fence. I had previously gate crashed the Fielding AGM and received a great welcome and appreciated
the time to address those present. Some time in October I am heading up north to speak to the Auckland and far north Clubs but I am hoping to get across to the New Plymouth area prior to this and I am also the Guest Speaker at the Western Bays Surf Casting Club AGM.

Our 2015 Nationals are being finalised but I can say, if you are not already aware, the dates are 8 th to the 11th April 2015.
This immediately follows the Easter break and incorporates the School Holidays. More on this will follow.
Funding. We are in the process of replacing much of the Assets of the Association and are seeking Funding through various Charities. To date we have had one succeed and this was for the purchase of a Hospitality Tent.
This was not our first priority but simply the first successful application.

Well that is all for this moment. Please support your Clubs, enjoy your fishing and stay safe.

Jim Yeoman (Yoey)
President NZACA

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