Resource, Think Tank and Advisory Group Formed

Some of the Life Members of the NZACA, together with others who have had long association with the Organisation or are experienced in recreational fishing matters, have formed themselves into a more formalized but loosely structured group.

The purpose of this group is three-fold, being :-

  1. To register itself as a “club” with the NZACA to so enable it to be in receipt of communications sent out to NZACA Clubs, and to attend and exercise a club vote at AGM’s.

  2. To offer the experience, knowledge and abilities of the members of the group to the Executive of the NZACA to use as felt appropriate. To be a “think tank” for new ideas and proposals offering opinions on such whether they be positive or negative.

  3. To be available to NZACA Clubs and Members if such would like opinions or thoughts on any particular matter from the group, and generally assist such as required so they can fully participate in the NZACA and all that it offers.

Whilst it is acknowledged that there has been some real difficulties and communication problems and issues between members of this group and the Executive in the past, we believe the time has come when such needs to be put behind us and together go forward to ensure that the NZACA firstly survives and then adapts itself to meet the demands and needs of the recreational fishing world of today.

The group is not against change and agrees that change should be an ongoing happening so that the Association keeps up with the changing needs, roles and purposes required. However change needs to be managed and be done giving the opportunity for full communication and backing of the total membership if such wish to become so involved. The NZACA is an “association’ of clubs and people, and as a group we feel we would like to be part of such and feel we have something to offer and contribute if the opportunity was there to do so.

On behalf of the founding members of the group

Graeme Dawber
July 2014

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