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August 2014

Greetings to all our clubs and members

Welcome to our monthly news, we hope to keep you informed in between baits of any fishy business within NZACA.

We have been reviewing and trialling different ways to communicate to our membership over the past six months. We thank you for your patience and acknowledge that it is area that is of high importance to our members. In the past communications from the executive has come via Secretarial Jottings and minutes being posted to club secretaries. We identified that there were issues with how this was disseminated to the members and so have trialled a few different ways including emails via ‘mail chimp’, our website and facebook pages. Whilst we acknowledge that there has been mixed success with these we want to ensure that our clubs are informed in all possible ways.

In the immediate future we will revert to posting information to clubs via club secretaries as well as the electronic methods above. We are hopeful that with technology being so widely used in today’s world we will be able to progress to providing information predominantly via emails to our clubs. To do so we need to ensure that we have your club’s most up to date email. Attached is a copy of the NZACA Affiliation form for the 2014/15 season. Please ensure your club’s email details are up to date so we can ensure you have all relevant information as it becomes available.

Your Executive

It is with pleasure that we introduce your current executive.

President – Jim Yeoman – Pania Surfcasting Club
Senior Vice President – Jock Bielski – Feilding Surfcasting Club
Junior Vice President – Karla Tardieu – Gisborne Surfcasters Club
Immediate Past President – Paul Peetoom – Feilding Surfcasting Club
Honorary Vice President – Jim Mikoz – WSAC
Executive Officer – Carolyn Santiago

Ordinary Members
James Benge – Pania Surfcasting Club
Grant Dodunski – Western Bays Surfcasting Club
Chad Prentice – Gisborne Surfcasters Club
Zeb Livingston – WSAC
Mark Lucas – Gisborne Surfcasters Club

Club Representatives
Jeff Zeelie – North Shore Surfcasting Club

For contact details of each of our executive members please visit our website
The executive meets five times per year, for information regarding the dates of these meetings please check out our website also.

Affiliation Forms
Please find attached a copy of the NZACA Affiliation form for the 2014/15 season. Please ensure that your club completes all the required information and forwards to the Association Executive Officer – Carolyn Santiago with the appropriate fees. These are due no later than 1st September 2014. If you have any queries relating to Affiliation please contact Carolyn via email at

Please note that the $5.00 Affiliation Fee for new members is no longer applicable due to our association handbook being available online to our members on our website. Should you wish new members wish to have a hardcopy they can contact Carolyn at

Kiwi Club
We are happy to announce Lesley Dodunski as the newly elected Kiwi Club Co-ordinator. Kiwi Club is a subsidiary ‘Postal Club’ of the association designed to allow those that are unable to access a club in their area the opportunity to be a part of the association. Lesley will be making contact with all current Kiwi Club members in the near future. Should you be interested in more information regarding Kiwi Club please contact

NZACA Nationals
For copies of the Association Annual Report and Nationals 2014 Results please go to our website Dates for the 2015 Nationals have been confirmed and released as 8th till 12th April 2015. These dates coincide with the week following easter and the school holiday period. We hope that it will enable families to consider participating in our Nationals event but also ensures that our Nationals do not clash with other major fishing events. Our sub committee will be releasing full details of the Nationals 2015 within the next month. We will keep you posted.

Casting Report
NZACA will be holding a Regional Casting Competition and Clinic at Manfield Park, Feilding on 31 August 2014 in conjunction with Action Tackle Supplies. Financial Club members wanting to do Postal Casting will be able to do so at this event. National Casting Records will be eligible as this is a sanctioned NZACA Casting event. We will also be running a UKSF rules 125gm challenge at this event. As the governing body for casting in NZ who is affiliated to the world governing body for casting we want to also cater for casters who wish to cast under the UKSF rules as our casting rules allow.

Feilding Surfcasting Club will be also holding their Postal Casting day at Manfield Park on 5th October 2014 and other financial affiliated members are welcome to attend. Please contact our Casting Co-ordinator Jock Bielski at for more information.

Jock is keen to hear from other clubs that are planning casting events in the near future and is open to supporting clubs with your casting events if he able to attend. Please contact him, he is a wealth of casting knowledge.

Club Postal Casting forms are now available on our website. Club Postal Casting events must be held before 1st December 2014. A small reminder that you must be a financial affiliated member to be eligible for a Postal Casting Award. For those attending several casting events please be aware that you MUST only designate one casting event as your official Postal Casting Results, this should be made aware to the Club officiating at the beginning of the event.

Facebook Page
We now have over 1200 members on our Facebook Page. This has been a great way of sharing both club and individual catches, fishing tips and general information. We are very excited about the uptake of our page with many of these members going on to join their local clubs. Make sure your clubbies check out our page.

Club Events
We want to know about what’s happening out there in your clubs and sharing some of the great achievements with other clubbies. If you have got a story or two to share please contact our President Jim Yeoman on with your news.

Wet lines

Jim Yeoman

NZACA Affiliation Form.pdf 



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