Tapered Leaders

Tapered Leaders

The use of Tapered leaders for distance casting under International rules (FIPS) is not allowed. The International rules state Parallel leaders are to be used for line weights:  .25, .28, .31 and .35mm. This is the system used for World Casting Tournaments and most Governing Surfcasting and Casting  organisations in their respective countries. In accordance with international guidelines, braid cannot be used for distance casting either.

Many fisherman in New Zealand just want to cast with their fishing gear which includes their tapered leaders. The NZACA have now brought in a casting system which allows them to do just that. There are only 2 requirements:

1.       that the tapered leaders must be high vis so that if they snap off they can be easily found (so we don’t get in trouble from the grounds men)

2.       the mainline must be a minimum of .25mm (approx 10lb depending on the brand of line used)

This will give the general public and club members the opportunity to come along to an event and have a go without having to buy any special gear. Once someone can consistently cast over 170m they’ll need to step up to A grade (NZIR) which requires slightly different terminal gear to be used. Under the NZACA RULES, casters will be placed in grades (A, B & C) according to their average casting distance

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