President of Gisborne Surfcasting Club, Senior Vice President of the NZ Angling & Casting Association inc.
This lady was the inspiration that gave me the will and desire to bring the NZACA back to the relevant organisation it has once again become. Her passion for the organisation was one that is hard to find in people these days, unwavering. An insistance to remain involved during the turbuent and sometimes ugly moments that made one wonder why we just didn’t walk, gave me focus and demonstrated her strengths.
It was only the discovery of her cancer that she made the correct decision to be with her young family.
The times I received a phone call or an email that commenced “Mr Yeoman” I knew I was in for a caution but they were always full of reason and sound advice. Yesterday Karla lost her battle with Cancer and has said goodbye to us all.
As the President of the NZACA I wish to say,
To Nadia and the extended Whanau, you have been the epitome of what family stands for during this time.
To Dave, a better man this lady could not have wanted, your strength has been unwavering. The silent tears, those that cant be hidden and those to follow are who you are Bud, strong but loving. Be proud.
To Zara and Jade, your Mum has given you purpose and direction, remain the people you are.
To Zane, the next Try is for your Mum.
To the beautiful Spirit that has left us, thank you for giving me the time you did, the advice, the inspiration and the will to succeed, it will never be lost. Travel lightly into your next adventure, I was hugely privilaged to have been a small part of your life.
It is only time that will heal the pain. It wont fill the hole that has been left, it will only make it smaller.

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