2019 Nationals

Well what can one say? The 2019 Nationals and AGM, based at the 90 Mile Motor Camp can only be described as a great success. With a spread of Clubs from the 90 Mile Surfcasting Club in the north, Wellington Surfcasting & Angling Club in the south, New Plymouth Surfcasting Club from the west, Rotorua Fishing & Casting Club from the east and the biggest turnout of clubs in between for many a year, this past week has been nothing short of exceptional. Ten Clubs in all represented, 96 Fishers.

Casting on day one saw 73 Casters brave sweeping rain showers before they passed over allowing many to dry out. While the day didn’t produce any great distances, the fact that so many participated created a completely friendly atmosphere where clubs interacted in their own challenges. Top marks must go to Gary Whittaker and his team for a very well run system.

To top it all off, the fishing was to die for. I have attended the past fifteen Nationals and never attended a one where so many fish have been weighed by so many participants. Impressive quality fish. The Ninety spat out some huge Snapper and Trevally but the opportunity to fish the Great Exhibition Bay with its white sands and crystal clear waters was a treasure. I must tender a huge appreciation to the Everitt family for their granting of access across their land for those attending our Nationals. The feedback from those gracing the sands for the first time was a one hundred percent “impressive”

Okuma. Wow!!!!! It was a total privilege to have Murray Veal, from this supportive Company, sharing the week with us. To have this great Company on board as our leading Sponsor is massive and their support with product as prizes was impressive. Thank you Okuma the NZACA appreciates your ongoing support.

Black Magic Tackle. I had a very good meeting with the Team on the way up to Kaitaia and I am hopeful of a good sponsorship outcome when I meet with them again in April but in the meantime a huge shout out to them for the $600 worth of goods provided to be part of our lucky draws. Again I must acknowledge the great support we receive from these leading Companies. I must also mention Creative Landscaping & Design, Travel & Co, Rod & Reel, Le  Baronz Cottage and Glenn & Debbie for their support also.

The Prize giving. What a way to finish a great time in the far north. The attendance was like some many years ago. The camaraderie and enjoyment seen throughout the night made being there worth every minute. The biggest thanks goes out to all those who participated. The fact we may very well have gained another Club intending to affiliate to the NZACA is reward enough for the hours of driving to attend.

Finally, Rick and Lyn Hymers, Brent Rolston, Dave Davies, Gary Whitaker and Steve Maisey. My heartfelt thanks for the way this 62nd Nationals was managed. A worthy and enjoyable event. I am already looking forward to next year’s Nationals in New Plymouth.


Jim Yeoman


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