Xmas 2019

             Xmas Message NZACA Members 2019

Well here we are about to enter the Xmas/New Year period for 2019. Wow has this year gone by fast or what. But what a year it has been.

Starting with our Nationals in the far north. These were the best by far for some time. Ten Clubs represented and over 100 entries. Seventy Casters alone.

Fantastic Sponsorship from Okuma and others like Black Magic Tackle made our Nationals a very good one.

On the subject of Okuma, I cannot express enough my heartfelt thanks for the continued support we receive from them. Their cash and product Sponsorship deal has made it so much easier to run our great organisation.

Throughout the year the NZACA has been active in advocating the rights of our members and supporting efforts to bring better practice in the use of our fisheries. Around the table meetings with Industry, Ministry and Ministers, attending discussions on fish stocks, attendances at NZ Sport Fishing Council’s Fisheries Management Standing Committee meetings, LegaSea NZ, LegaSea Hawkes Bay, Port of Napier’s Fisheries Liaison Group and input into many, many submissions to Government covering from the far north to the deep south have all been happening every day of every week. Early next year will see a huge announcement regarding our fisheries going forward and it has been a privilege to have been active in supporting this. Your voice is well represented.

Over the year we have seen the demise of a few of our smaller clubs which is always disappointing but then we are seeing a resurgence in many that have been struggling as well as those that are keen to be part of the association. I have been working with several over the past few months and while we may not get them all I have confidence that we will have some take up the opportunity to join us.

The end of the year sees the NZACA in a very healthy financial and membership position and we will continue to grow. As we grow our voice gets stronger.

Don’t forget the 2020 Nationals in New Plymouth. Entry forms and details will be out very soon.

On that note, I would like to thank you all for being part of and continuing your support to the NZ Angling & Casting Association. May you all have a happy and festive season. Stay safe, fish lots and I will see you all in 2020.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

Jim Yeoman


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