A week of it.

Hi all, I am back home after a week of putting the NZACA and our brand out there. Our NZACA Trailer followed me all the way and did draw some interest and conversation while it was out in the public. … Continue reading


There is much being written, discussed and reported with regard to the NZ Initiatives latest proposition to the management of Recreational Fishing. The first point I would like to advise you all of is, this group (The NZI) is made … Continue reading


I have to admit that there are times I don’t entirely agree with the thoughts of Graham Carter, Editor of the Fishing and Outdoors newspaper but I must congratulate him on his well written and very accurate summation of the … Continue reading

Spring has arrived, the Moki have appeared around the reefs of Hawkes Bay, a few Snapper are being caught in the BOP and also on the West coast. Mr Browning has nabbed a few fat Gurnard in the north. Let’s … Continue reading

MPI Request

Hello all, With the recent turmoil over the message regarding engaging with MPI and the follow up message from myself advising that this is not the Executives recommendation, rather than being percieved as being dictatorial, censoring or disrespectful of those … Continue reading