2014 Nationals Prizes

For the first time the NZACA is going to give away sponsored prizes to anglers. Whilst the New Zealand  champion trophies should be considered the main prize, the NZACA has been fortunate enough to secure more  that $20,000 in total sponsorship.

Kids of all ages who enter will receive a prize during the prize giving. We feel it is really important to keep the young ones interested in a sport we all enjoy.

To ensure the prizes don’t overwhelm the Championship titles and create dishonesty, the identity of exactly what is up for grabs for each individual prize wont be revealed until the prize giving.

Prizes up for grabs include:

Alvey have put up a fantastic reel.

A fine selection of Anyfish Anywhere rods, these rods are currently one of the best surfcasting rods on the NZ market.

The newly awaited Akios reels, another fine product from Action Tackle Supplies.

An amazing aluminum hand crafted gaff from Australia.

Bradley Smokers, NZ’s best smokers

Offshore Rods has hand crafted a fantastic rock rod, this is an amazing  prize.

Fullon fishing is supporting the NZACA and will also be putting a rod and reel up for grabs.

Reel Appeal Lures “Crafted in NZ” has sponsored an impressive selection of stick baits and poppers. These lures are recognised internationally and highly regarded.

Thornton motor camp have put up several spot prizes

NZ Bayfisher, New Zealands fastest growing magazine is giving away a number of subscriptions and mags.

Black Magic are putting together a special package

A fantastic set up from Diawa will be up for grabs.

FCO are putting up a number of boating sets.

More to be added and updated as time progresses.

We would like to take this time to acknowledge our sponsors. They are amazing and help us to achieve our goals for the future, so thank you very much.