There has been some feedback on what the NZACA should be doing for its members. What is a little surprising is that some believe we were instituted to run a National Competition and keep Records only.
Actually there are 19 Objectives, most of which are the same as the NZ Sport Fishing Council. The leading of these are:
i) To encourage, promote and develop the sport of angling & casting throughout NZ as applied to all forms of fresh and salt water fishing

ii) To organise, encourage and promote the formation of amateur fishing clubs and to develop better fellowships and closer comradeship amongst amateur fishers

iii) To promote the conservation of the recreational fishery and associated environment

iv) To encourage the observance of laws governing the recreational fishery and to work with the appropriate Authorities to implement them and to likewise argue for the amendment or elimination of any law that is not in the best interests of the association and its members.

v) To monitor Government, commercial and non commercial user groups and act in accordance of the objectives and the wishes of the membership.

vi) To affiliate to any NZ or International body by which affiliation fosters the objectives of the association.

We meet all these obligations with a fullness that benefits our membership to the best it can be met. The NZ Angling & Casting Association is representing its members at the highest level and alongside those other recreational bodies that have the same interests in our fisheries as we do.
Those objectives not mentioned like National and International obligations, Record keeping, recognition of effort and catch awards, and the general management of the Association are met equally as well.
As we enter our new Financial year now is the time to ask, do we want our club to be represented at the highest level. 27 of New Zealand’s leading clubs do. Join them.

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