Current Fishing Records – Official NZ Fishing Records and Association Light Tackle Records

The following pages schedule current Fishing Records and include both Official NZ Fishing Records and Association Light Tackle Records. World Records for catches in NZ waters are recognised as NZ Records, unless exceeded by a NZ one. Also included are the records administered by the NZSFC.

For applicable Rules and Regulations and how to make Record Applications refer to previous Sections in this Manual

The Association recognises almost all species as eligible for records. The NZSFC administer NZ Records for those generally thought of as Game Fish species. The NZACA will issue “Association Records” where appropriate for these “big game species” to its Members.

The Association no longer issues, except for some species, “Association Records” as the system of “NZ Records” has now taken the place of these. However existing Association Records are shown for historical purposes and remain relevant until surpassed by a NZ Record.

Each month there is sent out to Member Clubs updates of Records. It is recommended that Members may like to insert in this Section of their Manuals copies of these updates for those species, which are of the most interest to them.  This will provide the latest information on those species and make the Manual a more current reference to records.

See your Club Secretary or contact the Association Secretary for further information regarding these monthly updates.

These Record Pages will be updated in full at appropriate times throughout each year. Web pages will be updated regularly.

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This event was described by stalwarts and old timers as a “huge roaring success.”

Some said the best yet !

I was humbled by the genuine passion, dedication, camaraderie, fun, endless voluntary work, and the fishing, which was enjoyed by so many keen anglers who love their sport.  The people there were nice genuine people and certainly not pretentious. Worth mentioning too, is the fact that this form of sport and sustenance fishing that the NZACA aspire to, attracts many people who simply would not participate in hard-out fishing as they grow older. In fact some anglers were quite old but were still doing it and winning, taking out trophies. (The oldest there was 81 years of age.) On the other hand young girls and boys also were catered for, taking many trophies as well. A great healthy family orientated environment who all love fishing. Continue reading