This event was described by stalwarts and old timers as a “huge roaring success.”

Some said the best yet !

I was humbled by the genuine passion, dedication, camaraderie, fun, endless voluntary work, and the fishing, which was enjoyed by so many keen anglers who love their sport.  The people there were nice genuine people and certainly not pretentious. Worth mentioning too, is the fact that this form of sport and sustenance fishing that the NZACA aspire to, attracts many people who simply would not participate in hard-out fishing as they grow older. In fact some anglers were quite old but were still doing it and winning, taking out trophies. (The oldest there was 81 years of age.) On the other hand young girls and boys also were catered for, taking many trophies as well. A great healthy family orientated environment who all love fishing. Continue reading

The Australian Anglers Association Bi-Annual National Angling Championships & Convention

The AAA (Australian Anglers Association) holds their Nationals every two years hosted by different States. In 2013 it is being hosted by the Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association (QAFC) on the Sunshine Coast with the Headquarters being at the great facilities of the Caloundra Boating Club.                           Aussie – NZACA invite 2013