MPI Request

Hello all,

With the recent turmoil over the message regarding engaging with MPI and the follow up message from myself advising that this is not the Executives recommendation, rather than being percieved as being dictatorial, censoring or disrespectful of those sending or those requesting they be sent, let me address the reasons we have taken this position at this moment.

  1. I was advised of this initiative by Mr Dave Turner, Director of Fisheries, MPI, earlier last year at a closed meeting in Napier. The ACA, through me, has been contacted by Mr Marty Bowers and I followed that up with a phone call to discuss this and received a overview of the intiative. So the NZACA has made contact.
  2. As discussed, with Mr Bowers, at the time, there was still much to do before they would be moving forward with this and engaging. The Executive discussed this and decided that we would not put it to the membership until we received the appropriate paperwork.
  3. We still haven’t had this. I am of the belief that, as of today, the parameters, the Brief or for that matter, a notice of intent have still not been decided or issued. I am of the opinion that this request to engage is premature.
  4. MPI are obliged to follow correct procedure. The process is incomplete
  5. Further. Re the advice in the email “To discuss a Shared Fishery”. Without a clear understanding of the actual meaning of this, it is a dangerous discussion to enter and has many consequences, some very detrimental to the Recreational fishers of NZ.  Not being disrespectful as there are many of you, who will have an understanding of this but there a many more who won’t. Why does it need to be taken to single fishermen. Lastly. The statement “So that the correct message is getting down to the grass roots level” is an outright slight on the integrity and honesty of the Executive you have voted to represent you.

Rather than being involved in the actions refered to in my opening, I believe the Executive have been responsible in protecting your interests by requiring the correct details are received before advising the membership. Also we have never said not to engage. We have forwarded an opinion only and are clear that should you wish to engage with this group, that is your entirely your choice.

thank you

Jim Yeoman

President NZACA

QMS Review

I’ve just spent the last few days in Auckland in the company of the NZ Sport Fishing Councils, Fisheries Management team and LegaSea group. The purpose. I was interested to get a feel on what the Ministry were actually intending with the Quota Management System Revue and just how comprehensive it will be. These groups were meeting with the Review Group led by Andy Hill. The NZ Angling & Casting Association has this same opportunity to put forward our thoughts and this will happen on the 19th November. It was for this reason that I felt it was best to be prepared, to get a feel for the intention and to take in how a bigger organisation tackles this, what I call, a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I can report, without doubt, the Review is to be very comprehensive, with nothing off the table apart from anything regarding Customary and Treaty. Clearly this is our chance (our being the Recreational fishers) to put our views on the failings, ideals or greats of the QMS. It is always humbling to sit in such meetings, surrounded by people with incredible knowledge on almost every aspect of the NZ Fishery. The understanding, continual referral to detail, facts and law can leave one in awe. I have learnt so much and all for the better of our own organisation. This meeting allowed for some input from me but, more so, allowed me a better insight as to what we need to be tabling at our opportunity.
I know I have said this many times before but having been involved in my role as President over the last nineteen months, being part of such meetings as this and others, also being involved with LegaSea HB re the Hawkes Bay fishery negotiations, I urge all clubs to affiliate to a National body. Contrary to the CEO of Sanford’s opinion, it “IS” our right to fish, they are “OUR” fish. So that you can do that, you need to support those that are stepping up and protecting those rights.
The Review offers the opportunity for you all to participate by going on line or attending a public roadshow. By their own admission, some of the wording in the questions is not the best, I believe a little leading but if you do take this opportunity, please be responsible and productive in your responses.
As an aside, it is always great to meet our Facebook members when I am out on my travels, this trip was one of those occasions.

News & Chat

Hello Everyone,

These last couple of months have been a quiet cruise for the Executive. Not that we have been idle, it’s just that we have the Association running rather smoothly. This was reflected in our last Executive meeting where we dealt with a comprehensive list of items in under two hours.The Executive have several items that we will apply for funding to purchase. These items are listed in the latest Executive minutes.

In the month of September, I attended the NZ Sport Fishing Council’s AGM. There is plenty happening in the area of alignment with many groups representing the clubs involved in the Recreational Industry. Just on this, as a whole we need to realise that the recreational sector is an industry and we need to present ourselves as such. The Southwick Study currently being conducted will soon be completed and the results available. This study is to value the economic return from recreational fishing to the Governments coffers. Back to the AGM. This was another valuable exercise in promoting our relevance. Once again I was given the opportunity to address the delegates and this was met with respect and appreciation.

Since our last News & Chat, I have met with Commercial and MPI, as part of the LegaSea Hawkes Bay Team, regarding the Hawkes Bay Fishery. These meetings are progressing well with some positive negotiating points on the table. We are meeting again in November with the first restraint put in place almost immediately.

The Nationals Team have been working away behind the scenes laying the groundwork for our 2016 Nationals in the far north. We intend to bring all those attending, an event to equal or better any of those held in the past. It is great to see so many Clubs working on raising funds to get as many of their members up there as they can.

We have recognised that, though we have a quality Certificate for those who catch a record fish, it is not so for those setting NZ Casting Records. We have designed and had printed 3 quality gold Certificates for the following people. Betty Edwards, Peter Froggatt and Les Rackham. Betty and Les have theirs, Peters will be in the mail soon.

On the 19th August the Government announced a full review of the Quota Management System. This review will actually be more comprehensive than just the QMS. The NZACA has been approached for a one on one meeting with the group appointed to carry out this review and to offer our thoughts on the management of the fisheries. Another recognition of our rising relevance. We will be meeting during November.

We would like to welcome the Te Atatu Fishing Club to the NZACA. A past member, they have requested to rejoin us. Fantastic, it is great to have these clubs back on board and it is our pleasure to be representing them.

Finally. That little teaser I was refering to in my last post. The need for clubs to have Public Liability Insurance for the holding of events, such as Casting, caused us to look at ways we could be of assistance as your National body. We were looking to aid in covering the casting events. On behalf of the Executive I would like to announce that we have secured an unbelievable offer and a very comprehensive insurance cover. This will cover your club for all events, such as Casting, Competitions, Field Weekends and Meetings. The cost, a mere $50 plus GST. This gives your club full cover of $2 Million Public Liability   insurance for a total cost of $57.25

This Insurance is available under the cover held by the Association.

The Executive recognises those who have been loyal or who have taken up the offer of engaging with us and re affiliating.  Therefore this offer is for those clubs only. The offer will be available to those other clubs wishing to join us after a full year’s affiliation.

This is the result of a lot of negotiating and also the efforts of Mellissa Benge who has achieved the almost impossible. It also reflects the credibility of the NZACA.

Now get out and catch some of those fish. We thank you for your ongoing support.

Big News

Hi all, Just a little teaser to say, “Keep your eye on the messages” The Executive have big news to come. We will be making an announcement to our Affiliated Clubs later next week that we believe is awesome and just reward for your support.

Jim Yeoman