Exec meeting 19th Sept

A very good meeting of the Executive, in Gisborne, yesterday. It is great that we are operating very smoothly and our meetings are quick but constructive. In our continuation to bring benefits to our membership, we are close to a big announcement. One that will be a game changer for those Clubs affiliated. Just a couple of details to confirm but I can say that when you work hard for your membership and you achieve a result as comprehensive as this, it is hugely rewarding and makes the efforts worthwhile.
The Association has taken on board that whilst there is recognition for Fishing records and a very nice Certificate for such, there is nothing for those setting NZ Casting Records. We have duly awarded three. They go to Betty Edwards (ladies), Peter Froggatt (Mens) and Les Rackham UKSF/NZIR.These Certificates are awarded for Maximum Distances only and not for seperate catagories at this stage.
Seven months to go before we all hit the beaches in the far north at our 2016 Nationals. We have discussed some very exciting proposals to recognise the Top Club at this event. Fantastic support for this event from our membership already and it is shaping for an awesome event. Many clubs are fundraising hard out to get as many of their fishers along. One club has 31 already advised they will be attending. Who will match or beat them. It may well be worthwhile to take up the challenge.

Tapered Leaders

Tapered Leaders

The use of Tapered leaders for distance casting under International rules (FIPS) is not allowed. The International rules state Parallel leaders are to be used for line weights:  .25, .28, .31 and .35mm. This is the system used for World Casting Tournaments and most Governing Surfcasting and Casting  organisations in their respective countries. In accordance with international guidelines, braid cannot be used for distance casting either.

Many fisherman in New Zealand just want to cast with their fishing gear which includes their tapered leaders. The NZACA have now brought in a casting system which allows them to do just that. There are only 2 requirements:

1.       that the tapered leaders must be high vis so that if they snap off they can be easily found (so we don’t get in trouble from the grounds men)

2.       the mainline must be a minimum of .25mm (approx 10lb depending on the brand of line used)

This will give the general public and club members the opportunity to come along to an event and have a go without having to buy any special gear. Once someone can consistently cast over 170m they’ll need to step up to A grade (NZIR) which requires slightly different terminal gear to be used. Under the NZACA RULES, casters will be placed in grades (A, B & C) according to their average casting distance


Hello to all our member Clubs. I would like to clear up any thought that Accuracy casting has been removed from the NZACA Nationals. This is not the case, it has never been considered by the Executive and it certainly would not happen without the thoughts of our member clubs.

Both Accuracy and Distance Casting will remain as part of the NZACA Nationals.

If you have recieved information to the contrary it is totally incorrect.

Accuracy will not be involved in the three regional Distance Casting events, however we would welcome any clubs, in the area that these regionals, wishing to run an Accuracy event in conjunction to take up the offer.

It is the wish of the Executive that clubs run Postal Casting events and ask that you all embrace that. It is an opportunity for clubs to get together as part of fostering fun competition between fellow fishers.


Jim Yeoman



It is that time of year when most of our Affiliated Clubs and some who are on the fringes, are about to have their AGM’s. This brings new Committees and new direction. It is also the time when the question is asked who is the NZACA and why should we belong.
The NZ Angling & Casting Association is not all about a National Championship nor is it all about the promoting of and running quality Casting events both under NZACA and International Rules. It is not all about Records and trophies. It is not all about being representitive of our members in the protection of our fisheries and your rights as citizens of NZ to fish them nor the fact we are at the table with the ministry to have your questions answered. It is not all about bringing our members quality Sponsorship and rewards.
This organisation represents you at every level and does it so you can enjoy the rights you have to sit on our beaches and gather food that is ours to share. If your Club is Affiliated awesome, if not, look at joining us. The rewards are growing. For $10 per annum per member or 20c per week, the NZACA offers you strong and solid support, represents you at many tables, promotes great cammeraderie along with many opportunities to help your club grow.