Over the past two weeks, I have had advice that the Executive and I need to do more to prove why and show what we offer clubs that would entice them to be part of the Association. I believe that we, as a group, are offering far more than has been presented to the membership for a long, long time. In Professionalism, Advocacy, rewards and Sponsorship. However that is not to say we can’t offer more in each area.


Soon we will be putting it out to everyone, Affiliated and non affiliated Clubs, members of those clubs, to tell us what it is that you feel we or where we need to step up. What we are not doing and I am also aware there are some who have issues with the leadership so don’t feel afraid to say that. I would appreciate that comments have supporting reasons as to why you feel the way you do.

We can only improve if we have some honest opinion.


Another two very positive meetings in the big smoke. First up with the NZ Sport Fishing Council’s Fisheries Management Sub Committee followed by the LegaSea Board meeting. As the NZ Angling & Casting Rep to these, I always come away with huge positivity. I will continue to promote the professionalism that both of these groups demonstrate. It is a huge pleasure to be involved. The next set of Submissions to be put forward are regarding Tarakihi. This is another species that is showing a decline in numbers that is highly concerning. The other issue raising its head is the Crayfish Concession in area 3. This needs to go.

If your Club is a member of the NZ Angling & Casting Association then it is involved in supporting the placement of these solid and substantial Submissions that are leading in the management of our fisheries. It is also supporting LegaSea.
Two ways the Angling & Casting Association is standing up for its members

Cray 2

Not great but very good news from the Minister of Fisheries regarding the Hauraki Gulf/BOP Cray fishery. Huge cuts in take is a big step in the attempt to rebuild a fishery on the verge of collapse. The NZACA is pleased with this result and applaud the Minister for listening. That he did seriously consider a complete closure speaks volumes in itself. This is a solid result for recreational fishers and we appreciate the efforts of our aligned bodies, The NZ Sport Fishing Council and NZ Underwater, for your collaborative efforts in providing another solid submission.

Nationals 2018

Well this years Nationals are not that far away. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Easter. I had a glance at the entries and I am more than comfortable with where it is at right now. Great that there are several Juniors attending also. Fantastic. As always I would love more but I have a philosophy that I have kept to and that is, “It is not about the numbers that support you, it is about how you support those numbers that do”
It is not too late to get your club involved and the more the merrier. Even one representative is better than none. Be there and help us keep our momentum in growth.

$65.00 Entry which includes a quality meal on Saturday night and the chance to take out not only Honours but the $500 Average Weight Snapper Prize.
See you there.

NZACA Going Forward

When I first started arguing the NZACA case with those who felt it represented nothing and offered nothing to its members I never once considered that I would sit as the President of this Organisation.

When I inherited the role in 2014, I never once doubted that I could take this recreational fishers representative body from its all time low back to one of relevance and high respect amongst its peers again.

I have worked hard for four years and given all of 20 plus hours every week for four years to create one of the fastest growing organisations in the country. I have made the relevance of the NZACA a bright star and one that Companies and other organisations are keen to align themselves with. The NZACA is now recognised as being strong and forthright in stepping up for the rights of our members. We do this by placing Submissions on many issues that involve our fisheries. Our Logo appears on many documents and submissions that have been written and placed with other organisations. We meet with Industry, MPI and Government. Our alignment with the NZ Sport Fishing Council and their lobby group LegaSea is huge and then along with this we hold a seat on the NZ SFC Fisheries Management sub Committee. We have been a leading force in creating the largest aligned group of inshore ocean users that has the likes of the NZ Underwater Assoc, NZ Trailer Boat Federation, Yachting NZ, Motor Boat NZ and many others. This is a very powerful lobby group.

Our Public Liability Insurance, Power rebate scheme, Sponsorship, Discount Motel- Holiday Parks Packages and other opportunities are all being added to, much to the benefit our members.


All this is great for our membership and is instrumental in the NZ Angling & Casting Association going ahead as it is. An organisation Clubs want to be part of.


But there is a downside that has become evident. It is all great that we have grown this fantastic representative organisation but who is going to step up. I have one year left. I have led the way and established the path but I need to have someone keen to take over and continue what we have put in place. I need to be very clear, it is not a picnic and it is a big commitment, as it should be.  It was very humbling to me that the Association voted to extend the Term of President from three to five years and this was for two reasons. One, to allow the growth of the association to continue and second, to allow for a transition to the person to follow me. Sadly we have had two people and great people they are, realise they cannot step into this level of leadership. I understand this fully and respect their honesty but this is not going to assist the NZACA going forward.


I have enjoyed my time. I have enjoyed every challenge and I know that I have ruffled a few feathers with my opinions and honesty. From Government Ministers, leaders of MPI, Industry Leaders, Mayors, Councillors, Commercial fishers and some of our own members have received both sides of my points of view. That’s how I role. I am immensely proud of what my Executive and I have achieved over the past four years and we have done so with more than our fair share of setbacks and issues. But we have succeeded and I will argue profusely any opposition to that.


SO!!!!!!!! I need someone to step up and someone quickly. I need to bring them up to speed and integrate them within the circles I operate in New Zealand wide. We have created this beast and we need a new person to lead it.