Nationals 2018

Well this years Nationals are not that far away. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Easter. I had a glance at the entries and I am more than comfortable with where it is at right now. Great that there are several Juniors attending also. Fantastic. As always I would love more but I have a philosophy that I have kept to and that is, “It is not about the numbers that support you, it is about how you support those numbers that do”
It is not too late to get your club involved and the more the merrier. Even one representative is better than none. Be there and help us keep our momentum in growth.

$65.00 Entry which includes a quality meal on Saturday night and the chance to take out not only Honours but the $500 Average Weight Snapper Prize.
See you there.

NZACA Going Forward

When I first started arguing the NZACA case with those who felt it represented nothing and offered nothing to its members I never once considered that I would sit as the President of this Organisation.

When I inherited the role in 2014, I never once doubted that I could take this recreational fishers representative body from its all time low back to one of relevance and high respect amongst its peers again.

I have worked hard for four years and given all of 20 plus hours every week for four years to create one of the fastest growing organisations in the country. I have made the relevance of the NZACA a bright star and one that Companies and other organisations are keen to align themselves with. The NZACA is now recognised as being strong and forthright in stepping up for the rights of our members. We do this by placing Submissions on many issues that involve our fisheries. Our Logo appears on many documents and submissions that have been written and placed with other organisations. We meet with Industry, MPI and Government. Our alignment with the NZ Sport Fishing Council and their lobby group LegaSea is huge and then along with this we hold a seat on the NZ SFC Fisheries Management sub Committee. We have been a leading force in creating the largest aligned group of inshore ocean users that has the likes of the NZ Underwater Assoc, NZ Trailer Boat Federation, Yachting NZ, Motor Boat NZ and many others. This is a very powerful lobby group.

Our Public Liability Insurance, Power rebate scheme, Sponsorship, Discount Motel- Holiday Parks Packages and other opportunities are all being added to, much to the benefit our members.


All this is great for our membership and is instrumental in the NZ Angling & Casting Association going ahead as it is. An organisation Clubs want to be part of.


But there is a downside that has become evident. It is all great that we have grown this fantastic representative organisation but who is going to step up. I have one year left. I have led the way and established the path but I need to have someone keen to take over and continue what we have put in place. I need to be very clear, it is not a picnic and it is a big commitment, as it should be.  It was very humbling to me that the Association voted to extend the Term of President from three to five years and this was for two reasons. One, to allow the growth of the association to continue and second, to allow for a transition to the person to follow me. Sadly we have had two people and great people they are, realise they cannot step into this level of leadership. I understand this fully and respect their honesty but this is not going to assist the NZACA going forward.


I have enjoyed my time. I have enjoyed every challenge and I know that I have ruffled a few feathers with my opinions and honesty. From Government Ministers, leaders of MPI, Industry Leaders, Mayors, Councillors, Commercial fishers and some of our own members have received both sides of my points of view. That’s how I role. I am immensely proud of what my Executive and I have achieved over the past four years and we have done so with more than our fair share of setbacks and issues. But we have succeeded and I will argue profusely any opposition to that.


SO!!!!!!!! I need someone to step up and someone quickly. I need to bring them up to speed and integrate them within the circles I operate in New Zealand wide. We have created this beast and we need a new person to lead it.


We win one and sadly we are losing one.

It is a huge pleasure that I introduce Peter Corker of the Canterbury Surfcasting Club who will be representing the NZ Angling & Casting Association at next years World Shore Fishing Championships in South Africa. Peter has also been very involved in preparing this years competition in Wales. We look forward to working with Peter in raising the profile of the NZACA and its members. Fantastic news.

On the downside, we are losing Brent Rolston as our Secretary. When Brent took on this role he was very clear that he would do all he could but if he felt that technology, time and effort ever got to the point he felt he was not being fair to the NZACA he would put us on notice. Well it has arrived at that point. Along with this Brent is finding he is involved in more than he needs to be at this time. Brent wont be rushing off and is certainly on board through to the AGM. I would like to believe we can have someone in place to make the transition of change as easy as it can be. The NZACA is looking for someone prepared to work in conjunction with myself and the Executive to continue the growth and relevance of the organisation. Remuneration will be discussed at the time of engagement and reflects the time and effort required.


IMPORTANT: PLEASE LOOK AT ANY EMAILS REQUESTING MONEY THAT APPEAR TO COME FROM ME. Someone is using the NZACA address book and requesting money. These do not come from my email address, but another one  completely different.


Jim Yeoman



Hello everyone,

That time of year has come around again. It seems to arrive much quicker as they years go by.

2017 has been a very good year for the NZACA. We have had a new club join us. They have just gone over the 100 membership mark and that is a huge achievement in this day and age. We have another club going through the Affliation process at the moment and I am looking forward to the new year as I have had some great news of yet another new club joining us with their 70 members and we are talking with several others.

We have several accomodation providers that have joined us by offering discounted stays for those staying two or more days, we have our Clubplus Power offer, our comprehensive $2million Public Liability Insurance offer to our clubs for the small price of $57.50 incl. GST and of course our securing of Okuma as our Major Sponsor. Their package of $3000 plus $1000 of product is a beginning. The NZACA will end 2017 very financially secure and our asset base is just as impressive. The securing of a $5000 Grant to assist in having our alignment and management within the wider fisheries management, including being in attendance at the highest level can only increase the relevance of our organisation.

Over the year we have represented our members at every opportunity. Putting together solid submissions, attending the “Future of Our Fisheries” meetings and also meeting with the Committee put together by the Government to finalise the report. We participated in the recent Randall Bess, NZ Intitative, “Future Catch” right up to attendeing the presentation to the new Minister of Fisheries, Stuart Nash, in Wellington. We have taken up action on behalf of our members in issues such as Fisheries Mangement, Stock levels, Deep Sea Iron ore extraction, effluent in streams, spoil disposal, toxic waste, access rights,  down to Fishing Comp Rules. We take our place at the NZ Sport Fishing Council’s Fisheries Management Sub Committee and meet regularly with the LegaSea Team. I continue to be impressed by the highest of standards that this whole group bring to every level they operate in. I would like to thank everyone from the NZ Sport Fishing Council and LegaSea for your support and continued alignment with the NZACA. I must mention Sam Woolford who has been instrumental in us getting both Okuma and our Grant across the line. The hugest of thanks.

So here we are, closing in on the day the big man comes down the chimney.

I would like to take this time to say thank you for your continued support. For the efforts you have all put in to keep your clubs afloat and to those who take those leadership roles. Congratulations to all those who have grown, those that have held fantastic Fishing Comps for the public and without exception each and everyone of my Executive, which has grown by the way.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may 2018 be the year you all dream of. Stay safe over the festive season. Tight lines and maybe we will meet on beach somewhere.

Jim Yeoman