Casting Courts

The Casting Courts shall be laid out in the following manner :-

A base line pin shall be placed in the centre of the Casting Base and a centre line extended to the two hundred (200) metre mark.  From the base pin, side lines shall be extended out to the distance of two hundred (200) metres. At the one hundred (100) metre mark, the Court will be fifty (50) metres wide. A Base Board of two (2) metres wide placed at the base pin.

Measurements of Casts

All Casts will be measured by the radial method directly from the centre of the base line.  If a full length tape is not available, measurements may be made from cross lines set at one hundred (100) and two hundred (200) metre marks.  These lines shall be set in an arc from one side to the other as fig B or straight across as fig A from the centre marks at one hundred (100) and two hundred (200) metres.  The measuring tape shall be set at 90 degree angle to the arc of the cross line.