Feilding Surfcasting Club

Feilding Surfcasting Club was incorporated in 1997. The best thing about being located inland is that you have no local beach and we can travel to three coastlines within two hours driving.

The Feilding Surfcasting Club “our club” has a fairly static membership of around 40, with about a 10% change each year, which gives us a great base and a committee with plenty of knowledge but also a smattering of new blood. Feilding’s generous boundaries go from Porangahau on the East coast around to Patea on the West coast.

Having the three different coastlines enables us to fish no matter what the breeze or swell conditions. It also means that we are fishing some water from four different club boundaries. This gives us an opportunity to meet (and have a beer) with members from other clubs and learn different fishing tactics for different areas and beaches.

Anyone who has been to the last five Nationals will have run into a Feilding member at some time, our Nationals trips being well supported with a heavy emphasis on being present at all social activities. The interest in the social side of fishing may be reflected in our Nationals results for our male members who have never been on the stage except for making monumental stuff-ups. Our ladies have, however, excelled, being in the top three teams every year and having won the National title twice.